Sarah Ferguson recalls Princess Diana arrest: ‘We got into trouble a lot’

In a recent interview with the Daily Mail, Sarah Ferguson, the former wife of Prince Andrew, opened up about her relationship with Princess Diana and the trouble they used to get into. The interview was to promote her new book, ‘Her Heart for a Compass’, a historical romance novel set in Victorian times.

Ferguson and Diana were friends for many years, and as members of the royal family, they were often in the public eye. The two women were both known for their rebellious streaks, and they would often find themselves in trouble for their antics.

One incident that stands out in Ferguson’s memory was when she and Diana were arrested in London’s West End in 1988. The two women had been on a night out, and Ferguson said they were “driven to do something a bit naughty.”

They ended up breaking into a building that was under construction, which led to their arrest. Ferguson said they spent the night in a cell and were released the next day without charge.

Ferguson also spoke about how she and Diana used to sneak out of the palace to go to nightclubs. They would often disguise themselves with wigs and hats and go incognito to avoid being recognized.

Their friendship was a source of support for both women, especially during difficult times. Ferguson said that after her divorce from Prince Andrew, Diana was “the only person who understood what [she] was going through.”

Despite their close bond, the two women drifted apart in the years leading up to Diana’s death in 1997. Ferguson said they still spoke from time to time, but their lives had taken different paths.

Overall, Ferguson’s interview was a poignant reminder of the bond between two women who were once at the heart of the royal family. Their shared experiences and rebellious spirits brought them together, and their friendship has left a lasting impression on both of their lives.






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