‘Catch Me If You Can’ conman Frank Abagnale Jr. lied about his lifetime of lies, sources claim

Frank Abagnale Jr. gained infamous notoriety after he successfully posed as a Pan Am pilot, pediatrician, and lawyer while cashing fraudulent checks and living a lavish lifestyle in the 1960s. His exploits were chronicled in the film “Catch Me If You Can,” starring Leonardo DiCaprio, based on his memoir of the same name. However, new sources claim that Abagnale may have lied about the extent of his criminal activity and embellished his personal history.

According to a recent article in The Daily Beast, Abagnale may have been less of a master criminal and more of a petty grifter. The article cites court records and interviews with former associates of Abagnale, who claim that he exaggerated or fabricated his crimes in order to promote his own reputation and sell books and speaking engagements.

For example, Abagnale has long claimed to have stolen millions of dollars through check fraud during his criminal career. However, court records show that the actual amount he stole was much smaller – just over $100,000. Abagnale has also claimed to have escaped from a New York jail by posing as a prison inspector, but there is no evidence that such an escape ever took place.

In addition to his criminal activity, Abagnale has also been accused of inventing or embellishing details about his personal life. For example, he claims to have served in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War, but military records show that he was discharged after just a few months of service for being mentally unfit. He has also claimed to have worked as an attorney in Louisiana, but there is no evidence that he ever passed the bar exam or practiced law.

Abagnale is still active as a consultant on fraud and security issues, and frequently gives lectures and appears on television and radio programs. However, the revelations about his alleged lies have raised questions about his credibility and expertise in the field. Some critics argue that his reputation as a master criminal may have been greatly exaggerated, and that his advice may be based more on fiction than fact.

Despite the controversy surrounding his legacy, Abagnale remains an iconic figure in the world of crime and deception. His story has served as inspiration for countless movies, books, and television shows, and his exploits continue to fascinate and captivate audiences around the world. Whether he was a true criminal genius or simply a skilled storyteller, there is no denying that Frank Abagnale Jr. has left an indelible mark on the history of fraud and deception.






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