Pedro Pascal tells reporter he’d ‘shove’ her out of the way to get to Rihanna

Pedro Pascal, the Chilean-American actor, recently made some controversial comment that has sparked outrage on social media. In an interview with an Australian reporter, he made a joke about shoving her out of the way to get to Rihanna.

The incident occurred during an interview with Buzzfeed Australia when the reporter asked Pascal about his love for Rihanna. The actor responded by saying, “I’m sorry, but if Rihanna was standing in front of me right now, I’d shove you out of the way. Sorry, not sorry.” He then laughed and continued the interview.

While the comment may have been intended as a harmless joke, it has been criticized as being disrespectful and even misogynistic. Many on social media have expressed their disappointment, stating that Pascal’s comment was both inappropriate and disrespectful to the journalist.

As a public figure, Pedro Pascal has a responsibility to respect women and to set a good example for his fans and followers. His comment may have been intended as a joke, but it perpetuates a culture of sexism and objectification of women that is still prevalent in many parts of society.

It is not the first time that celebrities and public figures have been criticized for making inappropriate comments. In the past, some famous personalities have lost their jobs or endorsements due to insensitive or offensive remarks.

In conclusion, Pedro Pascal’s comments have generated a lot of negative feedback from the public. It is important for people in the public eye to recognize the impact of their words and actions and to take responsibility for their behavior. It is time for everyone to work towards creating a more inclusive and respectful society, free from sexism and other forms of discrimination.






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