Joe Rogan opens anti-cancel comedy club: ‘I’m drunk and on mushrooms in my new club!’

In a bold move against cancel culture, comedian and podcast host Joe Rogan has opened his own anti-cancel comedy club in Las Vegas.

The club, named “The Laugh Factory”, will feature comedians who have been criticized or canceled by the mainstream media for their controversial content. Rogan, who has been a vocal critic of cancel culture on his podcast, announced the club’s opening on his Instagram, saying, “I’m drunk and on mushrooms in my new club!”

Rogan’s new venture has already received mixed reactions from fans and critics. Some have praised him for giving comedians a platform to showcase their work without fear of backlash, while others have expressed concern about the potential for offensive material.

Cancel culture has become a contentious issue in recent years, with many arguing that it stifles free speech and artistic expression. Rogan has been a vocal opponent of cancel culture and has frequently criticized it on his podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience”.

In a recent episode, Rogan said, “We live in a time right now where people are afraid to say what they really think. And if you say something that’s not politically correct, you’re immediately canceled. That’s not a healthy culture.”

Rogan’s new club aims to provide a space for comedians who have been canceled to continue their work without fear of repercussions. However, some have questioned whether this will give a platform to hateful or offensive content.

It remains to be seen how successful the club will be and what kind of material will be featured. For now, Rogan seems excited to have a new project to focus on. “I’m just having fun here,” he said in his Instagram post. “We’re gonna have some great shows at The Laugh Factory. I’m excited to see what happens.”






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