Mo’Nique reveals how she forgave Lee Daniels after 13-year feud

Mo’Nique, an Oscar-winning actress and comedian, recently opened up about her 13-year feud with director Lee Daniels, sharing how she found the strength to forgive him.

The dispute between Mo’Nique and Daniels reportedly began after her Oscar win in 2010 for her role in his film, Precious. She accused him of blackballing her from the industry and not paying her what she was worth for promoting the movie. Daniels reportedly denied her claims, leading to years of tension and bitterness between the two.

In an interview with comedian Steve Harvey, Mo’Nique revealed that she felt betrayed by Daniels and had not spoken to him in over a decade. However, she shared that she had finally found a way to forgive him and move forward.

Mo’Nique said that she came to the realization that holding onto anger and bitterness was not hurting Daniels, but rather, it was hurting her own spirit. She recognized that forgiveness was the only way to let go of the pain and anger she had been holding onto for so long.

She further explained that forgiveness did not mean forgetting what had happened or excusing bad behavior, but rather, it was about releasing the hold that the situation had on her life. She shared that she had learned to forgive without necessarily accepting Daniels’ behavior, and that it was a personal choice that she had made for her own wellbeing.

Mo’Nique’s message of forgiveness and moving on from grudges is one that can be applied to many aspects of life. Holding onto anger and resentment can be toxic, not just for the person we are angry with, but for our own mental and emotional health as well.

The act of forgiveness is not an easy one, and it can take time and effort to get to a place where we can let go of our anger and resentment. However, by choosing to forgive, we can free ourselves from the negative emotions and move forward with a lighter heart and a more peaceful mind.

Mo’Nique’s story serves as a powerful reminder that forgiveness is never too late and that it is always possible to choose to let go of the hurt and pain of the past. It is a lesson that we can all take to heart in our own lives, and one that can help us to find peace, healing, and happiness.






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