‘Handmaid’s Tale’ author: Why Prince Harry ‘would have been murdered’

Margaret Atwood, the author of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ recently made a bold statement about Prince Harry, also known as the Duke of Sussex. In an interview with Variety, she spoke about the challenges faced by members of the British royal family and said that if Harry had been born in ancient times, he would have been murdered.

Atwood explained that in ancient societies, a male member of the ruling family who abandoned their duties or betrayed their tribe would have been banished or killed to prevent them from causing harm to the group. She drew comparisons between ancient societies and modern royal families, stating that although times have changed, the pressures and expectations on them remain high.

The author expressed her admiration for Harry, praising him for taking a different path than his older brother, Prince William, and for standing up for his beliefs. However, she also noted the difficulties that come with being a royal and choosing to follow a different path. She said that Harry’s move away from the royal family and his outspokenness on political and social issues would have been seen as a betrayal by some, which would have resulted in dire consequences.

Atwood’s comments have sparked a debate about the modern monarchy and the role it plays in society. Some argue that the royal family has become irrelevant, and that their extravagant lifestyle and privilege is at odds with the current economic and social climate. Others defend the monarchy, saying that it represents tradition and stability and that the royal family generates significant revenue for the UK economy.

The ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ author has always been outspoken on issues of gender, power, and politics, and her comments about Harry reflect a broader shift in public opinion. People are increasingly questioning the role of the monarchy and the unequal distribution of power and wealth that it represents.

In conclusion, Atwood’s remarks about Prince Harry highlight the challenges faced by the royal family in modern times. While it is unlikely that Harry would have been killed if he lived in an ancient society, his departure from the royal family has caused a great deal of controversy and has forced the public to consider the relevance and role of the monarchy in our society. Regardless of one’s opinion on the monarchy, it is clear that the debate about its future will continue for years to come.






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