Idris Elba responds to criticism after not calling himself a ‘black actor’

Idris Elba has recently faced criticism for not categorizing himself as a ‘black actor’ in an interview with The Independent. However, the actor has defended his decision to not put labels on his identity.

Elba, who is well-known for his roles in popular films such as Thor and as the lead character in the TV series Luther, has been an advocate for diversity in the movie industry. In the interview, he acknowledged that there is still a lack of diverse representation, but he also emphasised that diversity cannot be reduced to a single label.

“I’m a bit ambiguous when it comes to that word ‘black,’” said Elba. “I understand that it’s a label, but I’m really trying to steer away from it as a definition. I feel like I’m a human being. You know, I’m an actor, and like, whatever colour acting is, that’s what I am.”

Many were quick to criticise Elba’s statement, accusing him of being ashamed of his black identity. However, the actor responded by stating that he is in fact proud of his heritage and the black community.

“First of all, I’m not ashamed of my heritage, you know? There’s many sides to a human being. My identity lies in who I am and who I present myself as, and I’m just trying to be true to that,” Elba said in an interview with ET Canada.

Elba’s stance resonates with the ongoing conversation regarding the limitations of labels and the importance of self-identification. In an industry where actors are often typecast based on their ethnicity, it’s important to acknowledge that identities are multidimensional and cannot be simplified to one label.

Additionally, Elba’s refusal to be labeled illustrates the need for more diversity and representation in the industry. When actors of colour are only known and recognised for their skin colour or ethnicity, it reinforces the idea that they are not seen as individuals with unique talents and skills.

Elba’s comments also highlight the reality of colourism within the black community, where lighter-skinned individuals are often privileged and viewed as more attractive or successful. By not subscribing to the label of ‘black actor,’ Elba challenges the notion that success in the industry is solely based on skin colour.

Ultimately, Elba’s response to the criticism demonstrates the importance of embracing one’s individuality and advocating for diversity in all aspects of the industry. By challenging the narrow labels assigned to people of colour, Elba affirms the importance of representation and sets an example for the industry and society as a whole.






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