Donald Glover claims Chevy Chase called him the ‘n-word’ on set

Donald Glover, the multi-talented actor, writer, and musician, has recently made a shocking claim about his time working on the sitcom Community. In an interview with The New Yorker, Glover revealed that his former co-star Chevy Chase had used the “n-word” in reference to him on set.

The incident reportedly took place during the filming of an episode in which Chase’s character, Pierce Hawthorne, is meant to be delivering an offensive monologue. At one point, Chase allegedly improvised a line in which he referred to Glover’s character, Troy Barnes, as the “n-word.”

Glover, who is Black, said he was “shocked” by the comment and that it “wasn’t funny to me.” He added that he felt like he couldn’t speak up about the incident at the time because he was still a relatively new actor and didn’t want to rock the boat.

Chase and Glover reportedly clashed repeatedly during their time working together on Community, with the older actor often belittling Glover’s contributions to the show. Glover eventually left the series after its fourth season, citing creative differences and a desire to pursue other projects.

The incident has sparked a broader conversation about racism and prejudice in the entertainment industry, with many people expressing support for Glover and criticism of Chase. Some have pointed out that Chase has a history of making controversial and offensive remarks, including using homophobic slurs.

Chase has not yet responded publicly to Glover’s claim, and it’s unclear if he will. Some have speculated that the incident may have been swept under the rug at the time, but Glover’s decision to bring it to light now is an important step in raising awareness about the need for greater accountability and sensitivity around issues of race and diversity in Hollywood.

Overall, Glover’s account of his experience on set is a powerful reminder that racism and prejudice can still be pervasive in even the most seemingly progressive and inclusive environments. It’s important for all of us in the entertainment industry and beyond to be vigilant about rooting out these attitudes wherever they arise, so that everyone can feel valued and respected.






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