Gigi Hadid gives update on being a mother to two-year-old daughter Khai: ‘glad to be a young mom’

Gigi Hadid, the supermodel and mother of a two-year-old daughter Khai, recently gave an update on her motherhood journey. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Hadid shared her experience of being a young mom and how it has impacted her life.

Hadid revealed that being a mother has been the most rewarding experience of her life. She added that she is grateful for the opportunity to have become a mother while still being young. Hadid described her daughter Khai as a “bright light” and “the best thing that ever happened” to her.

During the interview, Hadid opened up about the challenges she faced in the initial days of motherhood. She shared that she experienced a lot of anxiety as a new mother, especially during the pandemic. However, Hadid credits her support system, especially her mother, for being a constant source of strength and guidance.

Despite the challenges, Hadid said she wouldn’t trade her experience for anything. She said that being a mother has taught her so much about love, patience, and resilience. She added that the experience has also given her a newfound appreciation for her body and the strength it possesses.

In the interview, Hadid also spoke about the importance of taking time for herself as a mother. She shared that she tries to find time for self-care, whether it’s taking a quick workout, cooking a meal, or even just reading a book. She emphasized that taking care of oneself is essential to being a good parent.

Hadid’s update on motherhood has garnered a lot of attention and praise from her fans and followers. Many have applauded her for being honest about the challenges of motherhood and the importance of self-care.

To conclude, Gigi Hadid’s update on being a mother to two-year-old daughter Khai highlights the joys and challenges of motherhood. Her experience shows that being a young mother can be rewarding, though it also involves immense responsibility and challenges. Hadid’s insights into her struggles and the importance of self-care serve as a reminder of the need to prioritize our well-being while navigating the journey of parenthood.






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