Sarah Ferguson claims Queen’s ghost haunts corgis: ‘They bark at nothing’

Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, has made a startling claim that the ghost of Queen Elizabeth II still haunts her former residence, and that her beloved corgis are the only ones who can sense her royal presence.

In an interview with the magazine Town & Country, the Duchess of York revealed that she experiences occasional ghostly sightings whilst residing at the Royal Lodge in Windsor Great Park. The property has been her official residence since 2008, and is adjacent to the famous Windsor Castle where the Queen still spends much of her time.

According to the Duchess of York, she is not the only one in the Royal Lodge to have witnessed Queen Elizabeth II’s ghost. Indeed, she claims that her two corgis, who were famously the Queen’s favourite breed of dog, regularly start barking at nothing, which she believes is a sure sign of the Queen’s ghost roaming around the premises.

“I stay in an apartment in the Royal Lodge, and it used to be the apartment of Her Majesty the Queen’s dresser. And it’s a four-poster bed. I always sleep on the right-hand side. One night, I woke up and felt a presence. And it was awfully spooky. I couldn’t sleep all night. The corgis were barking at it. The room was icy cold.”

Although the Queen is still very much alive, the Duchess of York believes that her presence can still be felt in the Royal Lodge, given her long-standing attachment to the property. In fact, Queen Elizabeth II used to regularly walk her dogs in the area surrounding the property, which the Duchess of York believes could be why her corgis are still so keenly aware of her presence.

Despite her claims, the Duchess of York has also revealed that she is not fazed by the supposed ghostly presence of the Queen, and in fact embraces the history and tradition of the Royal Lodge. “I love it, there’s so much history,” she says. “I’m really happy to be in the lodge and be part of the community.”

Whilst the truth of the Duchess of York’s claims may be open to debate, what is clear is that the Royal Lodge remains an important part of the Royal Family’s history and heritage, and the corgis’ barking at nothing will likely only add to its legend.






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