Princess Diana washed my dishes to ‘take a break’ from royal life: friend

When we think of Princess Diana, the beloved Princess of Wales, it is often in awe of her grace, beauty, and charitable works. But for one of her closest friends, the Princess was just like any other person, and even took a break from her royal life to help out with the dishes.

In a recent interview, one of Diana’s closest friends, Rosa Monckton, revealed that the late Princess of Wales once visited her home and offered to help wash the dishes. Monckton had invited Diana to her home for lunch, and when they finished eating, Diana offered to help with the dishes, saying that it would be a “nice break” from her royal duties.

Monckton said that Diana had a “great sense of humour and was very down to earth”, and that she was always willing to help out with mundane tasks. The friend also revealed that Diana was “very hands-on” with her children, Prince William and Prince Harry, and was often seen doing things like baking with them.

The story of Diana washing dishes is a testament to her humility, and her desire to be a normal person despite her royal status. It is also a reminder of her commitment to her children, and her dedication to making sure that they had a normal, loving childhood.

The story of Diana washing dishes is a reminder of the humanity of the Princess of Wales, and her commitment to her family, her friends, and her charitable works. Her legacy lives on in the hearts of millions, and her story of washing dishes is a reminder of the kind, generous, and humble person she was.






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