Chris Rock to get his revenge on Will Smith after that slap with these vicious jabs on Netflix special

Chris Rock is known for his sharp wit and biting humor, and it appears he has some pent up anger towards Will Smith. After Smith slapped him in the face during the filming of the 2000 movie, “Wild Wild West,” Rock has been looking for the perfect opportunity to get his revenge. That opportunity has finally come in the form of his Netflix special, “Chris Rock: Tamborine.”

In the special, Rock takes several jabs at Smith, including a joke about Smith’s “Independence Day” sequel. He says that Smith’s “Independence Day: Resurgence” was so bad that it “made the first one look like ‘Citizen Kane.’” He also takes a shot at Smith’s “After Earth” movie, saying that it was “so bad, it made ‘Wild Wild West’ look like ‘The Godfather.’”

Rock also takes a jab at Smith’s acting career, saying that he’s “never seen a movie with Will Smith that wasn’t good.” He then adds, “except for ‘Wild Wild West.’”

The comedian even takes a shot at Smith’s music career, saying that he “can’t rap anymore,” and that “all he does is act.”

Rock’s jabs are clearly designed to get revenge on Smith for slapping him in the face all those years ago. And although Smith hasn’t responded publicly to Rock’s jabs, it’s clear that Rock is still looking for payback.

Rock’s Netflix special is full of hilarious jokes and biting commentary, and it’s clear that Rock is still looking for revenge on Smith. Whether or not Smith will respond to Rock’s jabs remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: Chris Rock has finally gotten his revenge.






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