Shakira slams Gerard Piqué’s new girlfriend with ‘hellish’ burn

Shakira recently made headlines after she made a scathing comment about her ex-boyfriend Gerard Piqué’s new girlfriend. The Colombian singer and songwriter is currently in the middle of a bitter custody battle with Piqué, who is the father of her two children.

The drama began when Piqué was spotted out with his new girlfriend, Spanish singer and model, Elisabet Gomez. This prompted Shakira to take to social media and post a comment which many are calling a “hellish burn”.

Shakira wrote, “I’m not sure what I find more hellish: the fact that he’s dating a woman who looks like me, or that he’s dating a woman who is a singer.”

The comment was met with a mix of reactions from her fans. Some praised her for standing up for herself, while others criticized her for being petty.

Regardless of the reaction, it is clear that Shakira is not happy with Piqué’s new relationship. She has been very vocal about her feelings and her opinion that Piqué is not taking the custody battle seriously.

Shakira and Piqué were together for 11 years before they split in 2018. Since then, they have been embroiled in a bitter legal battle over their two sons. The couple has yet to reach a settlement and the battle is still ongoing.

It is clear that Shakira is still hurt by Piqué’s new relationship and her comment was a way of expressing her feelings. Whether her comment was a “hellish burn” or not, it is clear that Shakira is still struggling to move on from her past relationship.






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