King Charles ‘hammered’ Queen Elizabeth to drop Camilla’s consort title

The British monarchy has been in the news lately due to the reported demand by King Charles that Queen Elizabeth drop Camilla’s consort title. This has been a controversial issue and has sparked debate among the public.

The reports come from a Channel 4 documentary, which claims that King Charles had ‘hammered’ Queen Elizabeth to drop Camilla’s consort title. The documentary states that the Queen was not happy with the suggestion and refused to comply.

The title of consort is typically given to the husband or wife of a reigning monarch. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles were married in 2005, and Camilla was given the title of Duchess of Cornwall. However, the title of consort is reserved for the spouse of the monarch, and Queen Elizabeth is the reigning monarch.

This demand from King Charles has been met with criticism from the public, with many arguing that it is inappropriate for the King to demand such a thing. Some have argued that the Queen should be allowed to make her own decisions, and that the King should not be trying to influence her.

Others have argued that the title of consort should be reserved for the spouse of the monarch, and that Camilla should not be given the title. They argue that it would be an insult to Queen Elizabeth, who is the rightful monarch.

Regardless of the opinion of the public, the issue is still unresolved. It is unclear if Queen Elizabeth will comply with King Charles’ demand or not. It is likely that the issue will remain unresolved until the Queen makes a decision.

In the meantime, the debate over the title of consort will continue, and it is likely that the British public will be closely watching the situation. It remains to be seen how Queen Elizabeth will handle the situation, and what her decision will be.






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