‘Don’t ask’ Helen Mirren about ‘Shazam 2’: ‘I’m not a big superhero-type person’

Helen Mirren is one of the most acclaimed and respected actors in Hollywood. She has won multiple awards for her performances, including an Oscar for her work in The Queen. However, don’t ask her about her upcoming role in Shazam 2.

Recently, Mirren was asked about her role in Shazam 2, the sequel to the DC Comics movie starring Zachary Levi. Mirren responded that she is not a “big superhero-type person” and that she is not particularly familiar with the world of superheroes.

Mirren went on to explain that she was attracted to the role in Shazam 2 because of its “humanity” and because she felt the script was “really interesting.” She also noted that she was looking forward to working with director David F. Sandberg and the other members of the cast.

Despite her lack of familiarity with the superhero genre, Mirren is sure to bring her unique style and talent to the role. She has already proven her versatility in a wide range of genres, from historical drama to comedy. She is sure to be a great addition to the cast of Shazam 2.

It’s clear that Mirren is looking forward to the challenge of her role in Shazam 2, even if she’s not a “big superhero-type person.” Her enthusiasm and excitement for the film will surely make it a success. We can’t wait to see her performance in the sequel.






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