Vera Wang, 73, hailed as ‘immortal’ after age-defying BAFTAs appearance

Vera Wang, the 73-year-old fashion designer, has been hailed as “immortal” after her stunning appearance at the 2021 BAFTAs. Wang, who is known for her iconic bridal gowns, looked ageless in her black dress and matching hat, her face glowing with beauty.

Wang’s age-defying look has been praised by fans and celebrities alike, with many taking to social media to express their admiration. Actress and singer Jennifer Lopez said that Wang “looks like she hasn’t aged a day”, while model and presenter Alexa Chung commented that she was “living her best life”.

It’s no surprise that Wang looks so youthful, as she is known for her healthy lifestyle. She follows a strict diet, which consists of a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, and avoids processed foods and alcohol. She also exercises regularly, and is a fan of yoga and Pilates.

Wang’s beauty routine is just as impressive. She swears by natural skincare products, such as coconut oil and shea butter, and avoids using harsh chemicals on her skin. She also wears sunscreen every day, and has said that she has never had any plastic surgery or Botox.

It’s clear that Wang’s age-defying look is down to her dedication to a healthy lifestyle and natural beauty products. Her appearance at the BAFTAs has only served to confirm her status as an ageless icon, and she is sure to continue inspiring women of all ages for years to come.






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