Naked Alison Brie gives husband Dave Franco ‘shock’ with streaking stunt

Alison Brie and Dave Franco are no strangers to the spotlight, but the couple recently made headlines for an unexpected reason. On Sunday, Alison Brie took to Instagram to share a photo of herself streaking across her husband’s front yard.

The photo shows Brie running across the grass, completely naked, with a caption that reads: “When you surprise your husband with a streak across the front yard!” The post quickly went viral, with many fans praising the couple for their humorous antics.

The photo was taken in the couple’s Los Angeles home, and it appears that Dave Franco was indeed surprised by his wife’s daring stunt. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Brie revealed that Dave was “shocked” when he saw her running across the yard. She added that the couple had been discussing the idea of a streaking stunt for some time, and that she finally decided to take the plunge.

The couple has been married since 2017, and they have been known to share funny moments on social media. This latest stunt is just one of many that the couple has pulled off, and it’s clear that they are still very much in love.

Brie’s streaking stunt has certainly made waves on the internet, and it’s a testament to the couple’s playful relationship. It’s refreshing to see a couple that can still find humor in their relationship, and it’s clear that Alison Brie and Dave Franco are still going strong.






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