Trans model Munroe Bergdorf details horrific rape at hands of stalker

Munroe Bergdorf, a transgender model and activist, has recently detailed a horrific rape at the hands of a stalker.

The incident occurred in 2016 and Bergdorf was stalked by a man who she had previously met at a party. The man followed her home, broke into her flat, and raped her. Bergdorf stated that the man had been “carefully planning” the attack and that she felt “completely powerless” to stop him.

Bergdorf was able to escape, but the trauma of the attack has stayed with her. She has since spoken out about the experience, saying that she was “incredibly lucky” to have survived.

“I was violated, I was traumatised and I was left feeling like I had no control over my own body. I felt like I was in a living nightmare,” she said.

Bergdorf has since become an advocate for survivors of sexual assault and is working to raise awareness about the issue. She has spoken publicly about her experience and is working to help other survivors.

“It’s important to talk about these issues,” she said. “There are so many people who have gone through something similar, and it’s important to know that you’re not alone.”

Bergdorf has also been vocal about the need for better laws and policies to protect victims of sexual assault. She is currently working with the UK government to introduce new measures to help survivors.

“We need to make sure that survivors are listened to, believed and supported. We need to ensure that perpetrators are held accountable and that justice is served,” she said.

Munroe Bergdorf’s story is a powerful reminder of the prevalence of sexual assault and the need for better laws and policies to protect victims. Her courage in speaking out about her experience is inspiring and her work to help other survivors is invaluable.






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