Raquel Welch dead: Her iconic roles, outfits, moments remembered

The world was shocked to hear of the passing of Raquel Welch, the iconic actress, model, and singer who passed away on April 8th, 2021. Known for her beauty and charm, Raquel Welch was an icon in the entertainment industry for over five decades.

Raquel Welch was born Jo Raquel Tejada on September 5th, 1940 in Chicago, Illinois. She began her career as a dancer and model before becoming an actress in the 1960s. She quickly rose to fame when she starred in the 1966 film “Fantastic Voyage”. She was also known for her iconic roles in “Bedazzled”, “One Million Years B.C.”, “Bandolero!”, and “Myra Breckinridge”.

Her beauty and style were also legendary. She was known for her iconic outfits, including her iconic fur bikini in “One Million Years B.C.” and her red-hot dress in “Bedazzled”. She was also an icon for her signature hairstyles and make-up looks.

Raquel Welch was also a singer and released two albums in the 1970s. She also appeared in several television shows, including “The Muppet Show”, “The Love Boat”, and “The Tonight Show”.

Raquel Welch was an icon in the entertainment industry and will be remembered for her beauty, style, and iconic roles. Her death is a great loss to the entertainment industry and she will be deeply missed.






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