Rihanna grabs crotch, smells fingers during Super Bowl halftime show: ‘Stay classy!’

Rihanna made quite the impression during the 2021 Super Bowl halftime show. The singer, who was the headlining act, grabbed her crotch, smelled her fingers, and then said “stay classy” to the crowd.

The moment occurred during her performance of “Umbrella” when she bent down and grabbed her crotch. She then proceeded to smell her fingers and then said “stay classy” to the audience.

The moment was not lost on social media, as people quickly took to Twitter to comment on the bizarre moment. Some people were amused by the gesture, while others were less than impressed.

The moment was made even more interesting by the fact that the NFL had imposed a strict “no crotch grabbing” policy for the halftime show. It’s unclear if Rihanna was aware of the policy or if she was simply being her usual outrageous self.

Regardless, the moment was certainly memorable and has been the talk of the town since the show. It’s just another example of Rihanna’s unique style and her ability to command the attention of the crowd.

Rihanna’s performance was certainly one of the highlights of the night and it’s clear that her fans were thrilled to see her performing on the biggest stage. Whether you liked the moment or not, it’s hard to deny that Rihanna knows how to make an impression.






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