Jennifer Coolidge does her best dolphin impression in a Super Bowl commercial

Jennifer Coolidge, the beloved comedic actress known for her roles in Legally Blonde, American Pie, and A Cinderella Story, recently did her best dolphin impression in a Super Bowl commercial. The ad, which aired during the big game, featured Coolidge in a pool with a few other people, who were all trying to imitate the sound of a dolphin.

Coolidge’s dolphin impression was so convincing that it had viewers in stitches. The commercial was for the new “Dolphin Tales” game from the popular mobile game developer, King. The game is a fun and interactive way for players to explore the underwater world of dolphins.

Coolidge’s performance in the commercial was nothing short of brilliant. She was able to capture the spirit of the game and make it come alive with her hilarious impression. Not only that, but she also showcased her impressive acting chops, as she was able to switch between a variety of different dolphin sounds.

The commercial was a hit with viewers, with many of them taking to social media to share their reactions. Coolidge’s performance was praised by many, with some even calling it the best part of the commercial.

It’s clear that Coolidge has a knack for bringing characters to life, and her dolphin impression in this Super Bowl ad is no exception. Her performance was so convincing that it’s no wonder why viewers were so impressed. It’s safe to say that Coolidge’s dolphin impression will be remembered for a long time to come.






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