Salma Hayek brought ‘Magic Mike’ strippers home: ‘My husband is not a jealous man’

Salma Hayek recently revealed that she had some very special guests in her home. The actress shared that she brought home some of the strippers from the Magic Mike movie to entertain her husband and his friends.

The actress, who is married to French billionaire François-Henri Pinault, said that her husband was not jealous of the dancers. She explained that the strippers were hired to entertain him and his friends, and that she was not in any way involved.

Hayek said that the experience was “amazing” and that it was a lot of fun. She added that she was not the least bit worried about her husband’s reaction, as he is not a jealous man.

The actress also said that she had a great time watching the show. She said that the dancers were incredibly talented and that it was a great experience for her.

Hayek also shared that she was not the only one who enjoyed the show. Her husband and his friends were also very enthusiastic about the performance. She said that they were all amazed by the dancers’ talent and that they were all cheering and clapping throughout the show.

The actress also shared that she was pleasantly surprised by her husband’s reaction. She said that he was not at all jealous and that he was actually very supportive of the show.

Hayek’s experience is certainly unique and it is clear that she and her husband have a strong relationship. It is also clear that the couple is not afraid to have a little fun and try something new.






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