Channing Tatum: Dental assistant asked me to strip during appointment

Recently, a dental assistant in the US has been accused of asking a patient to strip during an appointment. The patient was none other than actor and dancer Channing Tatum, who was visiting the office for a routine check-up.

The incident occurred during a regular dental appointment at a dental office in Los Angeles. According to Tatum, the dental assistant asked him to remove his clothing during the appointment. Tatum was reportedly shocked and embarrassed by the request and immediately left the office.

Since the incident, the dental office has released a statement apologizing for the incident and stating that the dental assistant in question has been suspended pending an investigation. The office also stated that they are taking the incident very seriously and are working to ensure that it does not happen again.

This incident is not the first time that a dental assistant has asked a patient to remove their clothing during an appointment. In recent years, there have been several reports of similar incidents occurring in dental offices across the United States.

The incident involving Channing Tatum highlights the importance of patient safety and privacy in the dental office. It also serves as a reminder that patients should always feel comfortable and safe when visiting the dentist.

Dental offices should ensure that their staff are properly trained and that they understand the importance of respecting patient privacy. Additionally, it is important for dental offices to have a clear policy in place regarding patient privacy and safety.

Overall, this incident involving Channing Tatum serves as a reminder that patient safety and privacy should always be a top priority for dental offices. It is essential that dental offices take steps to ensure that all patients feel safe and respected during their appointments.






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