That Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Grammy fight: What really happened

It’s been almost two decades since the world was rocked by the news that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck had a heated exchange at the 2003 Grammy Awards. The incident, which is still shrouded in mystery, has been the subject of much speculation and gossip over the years. Now, a new report has shed light on what really happened between the two stars that night.

According to the report, the couple had a disagreement over Lopez’s performance of her hit song “Jenny From the Block”. Affleck reportedly felt that Lopez was too risqué in her performance and that it was inappropriate for the Grammy Awards. While Lopez was reportedly upset by Affleck’s comments, she ultimately decided to continue with her performance.

However, the tension between the two stars only increased after Lopez’s performance. During the after-party, Lopez reportedly confronted Affleck about his comments and the two got into a heated argument. It is unclear what was said during the exchange, but it was enough to cause a scene that was witnessed by many of the other guests at the event.

The incident has been the subject of much speculation and gossip for years, but it seems that the truth about what really happened between Lopez and Affleck has finally been revealed. While the couple has since gone their separate ways, the memory of their Grammy fight will likely live on for years to come.






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