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In Suns-Clippers Game 6, a fan uses a beer can during a fight

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Pour one for the clippers.

At least one fan might have thought so before pouring a beer on the Suns fan’s head and hitting him with a jar.

Following the Suns series victory in Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals on Wednesday, a full-blown fight began in the stands.

Four people wearing head-to-toe shoes wearing Klipers goods quarreled with a tall man wearing a black shirt in the center of Staples.

One fan creatively used a beer can and hit a black shirt on the head. Fans on both sides tried to tear the brawlers apart, until a man in a black shirt was lowered into the back row. After a bit of help, he stood up and walked away from the fight, pointing both middle fingers at the Clippers fans.

There was a history of fights between fans of these two franchises. After Game 1 in Phoenix, Suns fans got into an argument with the Clippers fans by throwing haystacks and hitting each other on the ground.

In the Clippers game, the men fight
After the team’s defeat in the Western Conference Finals, the Clippers fans quarreled.

But it wasn’t just the Clippers fans who acted. LA defender Patrick Beverly was sent off for pushing Chris Paul during the break.


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