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I’m a hot teacher – I have no problem sleeping with my students’ dads

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A STUNNING teacher has sent followers wild with her revealing outfits and candid admissions.

Maddy has racked up more than 3,000 followers on her TikTok account thanks to her raunchy clips – and many are designed to get your heart racing.

The art teacher regularly shares sexy clips of herself in the classroom acting out scenarios all while wearing low-cut tops, short skirts and high heels.

Many involve her so called experiences with single dads as well as her allegedly x-rated lifestyle outside school hours.

In one video, she sits at her desk appearing to write notes before looking up with a smile.

The text above reads: “When a student gets too comfortable by talking to you like a friend just because you’re meeting his father privately.”

In another, she is seen showing off a variety of outfits which become more revealing as the week goes on.

“It’s just what I wear as a teacher,” she quipped.

In one of her most seductive scenarios she is seen bending over to pick up a pen from her desk before revealing another low crop top.

Signing off with a cheeky wink, the text reads: “When I’m late for the parent teacher meeting and the dad is already staring at me.”

While men flock to the single woman’s comments section to respond with praise, flattery and offers of romance, some people aren’t so impressed with her outfit choices or behaviour.

In fact, they’re pretty horrified by the candid admissions she makes on the social media app that is in full view of her students.

In another raunchy clip, for example, Maddy hints at a very sexy side hustle as she compares her work clothes to what she wears in her “free time.”

“Shame on you, it’s not a dating app,” one wrote.

Another angry viewer said: “You are going to get fired.”

While many teachers stick to modest outfits and keep their private lives away from prying eyes, Maddy is far from the only one to share her life “behind the scenes.”

One teacher claims that people say she goes from a five to a ten when she changes out of her work clothes.

While another says she is inundated with offers from potential suitors when she reveals she’s a “hot” geography teacher.

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