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I’m a hot teacher and my fans wish I taught them when they were in school

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A GOOD-looking teacher has revealed her students have discovered her TikTok account but she says she doesn’t care.

The social media user known as “amber.marie.44” revealed in a post that someone in her class has scrawled a note on her desk.

The teacher said: “Sometimes there are other classes in my classroom when I’m not teaching in here and look what I just found.”

The camera then cuts to a scrawled message on her desk that reads: “I saw your TikTok.”

She didn’t seem at all bothered that someone has found her online account but was more concerned that they had written directly onto her desk.

The woman added: “Now, whoever you are, this TikTok is for you.

“Love your little note but next time you want to leave me a little note, write it on a post-it note.

“I literally keep those notes by my desk. Don’t write on my desk. Come back and erase this when you see this TikTok.”

Many jokers went online to claim it was actually them that had done it.

One commented: “Sorry miss it was me.”

While another said: “Caught me.”

A third added: “Plot twist. It was the janitor.”

The teacher already has a strong following of admirers, with one writing: “She is so cute.”

In another post, set to the music of Soft Cell’s Tainted Love, she showed off her fashion sense with the variety of outfits she’d worn recently as the US went to vote in the Midterms.

Fans definitely approved of her various looks, with one saying: “A+ all of them.”

Someone else chipped in with: “You can rock a pair of jeans.”

While another simply wrote: “Gorg.”

In an earlier post “Amber.Marie” showed herself getting ready to go to a wedding with her applying mascara, doing her hair and showing off her figure-hugging dress.

Lots of commentators lined up to make admiring comments.

One wrote: “Looking great. Have fun.”

While someone else posted: “She is so cute.”

A third person added: “Gorgeous.”

The TikTok user is not the first teacher to reveal what life is like behind the scenes.

One teacher claims that people say she goes from a five to a ten when she changes out of her work clothes.

While another says she is inundated with offers from potential suitors when she reveals she’s a “hot” geography teacher.

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