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I shop at Dollar Tree, you can save hundreds on Christmas decor

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WITH the holidays right around the corner, this TikToker has the best decoration hack that can leave you saving hundreds of dollars, just from shopping at the Dollar Tree.

Last week, TikTok Influencer Anne Castro, who goes by the handle @annelourayne, shared an easy hack to create expensive looking Christmas decorations at Dollar Tree prices.

“Who doesn’t love a good Dollar Tree DIY dupe?” Castro started out the video.

“This set of ceramic snowmen showed up on my Instagram ads and then I saw the price and knew we could make it for a lot cheaper,” she continued, pointing to a hefty $110 price tag for three ceramic snowmen.

To save up to hundreds of dollars for other decorations or holiday needs, Castro went to her local Dollar Tree.

“I found these DIY ornaments,” she says in the video, showing clips of her selecting the sizes while in the store.

“I got a big one and then two that are just slightly smaller towards the top.”

In order to make snowmen at home, the TikToker began by taking her exacto knife to create a hold in the plastic ball.

“Then once, I got a hole, I got some small scissors and cut around the top where you typically hang it, because you don’t want that part to stick out,” she explained.

“That’s where we’re going to be pulling them all together.”

Next, Castro pulled out her hot-glue gun to put all three ornaments together to create the snowman’s body.

In order to make sure the balls stuck together nicely, the TikToker revealed that she “was really generous” with the glue.

When adding buttons and a nose to the minimal snowman, Castro simply used pearl embellishments and clay.

However, she noted that you can use anything, such as rhinestone embellishments, buttons or clay to sculpt all three.

When using clay, Castro said she baked it before gluing it onto the body.

“If you guys haven’t noticed, I love me a good paint and baking soda mixture,” Castro went on in the video as she began to paint the DIY snowman.

“It really elevates your project, adds texture, and it’s going to easily make this plastic look like it’s clay.”

“You can make it look like terracotta, because I know everybody on here loves that.”

Dozens of people flooded Castro’s comment section gushing about the results and how they wanted to try the crafty hack next.

“Looks just like the expensive one,” one user wrote.

“Love the results.. now I need to visit again.. smh lol,” said another, reminiscing on their last trip to the Dollar Tree.

In the caption of her video, Castro raved about all the savings people can find at the discount store.

“Dollar Tree Dupes are my favorite! That store is filled with possibilities. You just have to have a bit of imagination.”

Castro has been posting art, DYI, and family related TikToks to the social media platform since December 2019.

Since then, she has amassed more than 6.6 million likes and nearly 193,000 followers.

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