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Harris says Democrats fleeing Texas are “in line” with the legacy of Frederick Douglas, Selma marches, sufragets.

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Vice President Kamala Harris said Democratic lawmakers who fled Texas to block the state’s new election law “fit” the legacy of civil rights and voting rights leaders and activists, while praising them for “bold and courageous action.” . ”

Harris commented on the Democratic caucus in the Texas Congress, which left Texas on Monday to maintain a quorum from a special legislative session dedicated to the passage of a new election security bill.


“They acted boldly and courageously in accordance with the legacy of Frederick Douglas, the legacy of the women walking along Pennsylvania Avenue and all the people who shed blood on the bridge under the 1965 Voting Rights Act,” Harris said. . Wednesday.

“And now, we’re in 2021, Texas Legislature,” he continued. “Many of them traveled to Washington with great devotion to protect the right to vote in the United States.”

Eight Texas Senate Democrats joined Texas House lawmakers and fled the state to Washington.

Despite attempts to block legislation, Texas senators on Tuesday night rejected a bill to reform the Republican-led vote.

The laws proposed by Democrat GOP senators are an attempt to block voter turnout, while Republicans defend laws that ensure the electoral process.

Philadelphia targets state election bills

Under the bill, drivers will be barred from voting, video surveillance will become a requirement, and surveillance devices will be installed on all electronic devices used to count ballots to comply with “access and activity”.

The state’s voting tracking system will be amended and the mail voting process will be revised – all voters will be required to include a driver’s license or the last four digits of their social security number on their ballot.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has threatened to arrest state lawmakers who fled to Washington in a bid to shorten the vote in Washington until a referendum reform expands the right to vote in Congress at the federal level.

At the same time, President Biden called on Congress to pass legislation “For the People” and John Lewis’s Promotion of Voting Rights to counter what Democrats claim is an attack on minority voters.

Texas is not the only GOP state that has tried to implement voting reforms.

The trend among the Red States emerged after the 2020 general election, during which some Republicans allowed fraud to increase postal voting.

Seventeen states introduced 28 new laws regulating voting.

Acesparks spokeswoman Caitlin McFall contributed to the news.

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