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Hal Steinbrenner’s devotion should not obscure the Yankee truth

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At one point we asked, “What was George doing?” We stop asking. right?

What he did – in his heyday – was often fast, ugly, and stupid. You may forget that when it was suspended in 1990, Steinbrenner was so humiliated by his fans that the Yankee stadium crowd greeted the news of the ban with applause. You may not notice that the suspension created patience for the dynasty’s stones to appear in his absence, and that the stability in the manager and previous office served him well for the next few years of ownership. If you prefer his leadership behavior so far, you can justify the fact that he will be suspended for a third time for a record-breaking job because of his intolerance in the workplace.

If you believed that George was yelling or firing or chasing these Yankees, then you’ve watched a lot of Yankees. As Hal Steinbrenner points out, “What’s often forgotten (about all sorts of shots) is that they often don’t work. And he was often criticized for it. “

Hol should be like he worked with his father’s voice – usually the author never spent time around George’s brutal nonsense. Hol should not be his father. Still, his son can do better than that.

In a teleconference with reporters on Thursday, Hel asked questions about the fourth-place students and did not separate himself:

Yanki Xel Steinbrenner
Yankee owner Hal Steinbrenner
Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post

– He cited the injuries, which the organization believes will disrupt the championship-caliber team’s exit from spring training, citing Cory Kluber and Luis Severino as examples. But Kluber has made eight starts in the previous two seasons, while Severino has five (including a playoff) – one combined in 2020. These were vay cards, not basic cards. Severino didn’t actually have to be ready by now, so it’s like wondering why Santa Claus didn’t deliver more in August.

– Hol said he would “consider” crossing the $ 210 million luxury tax threshold if baseball operations recommend a player to make such a choice so as not to cancel the July 30 sale. Let’s see? If the owner believes this team will still win and the baseball operations difference makes a recommendation to the manufacturer, the Yanks should spend the money.

The Yankees claim to have lost the most during the pandemic because they are taken from a very paid crowd. But that means they’ve received a lot in the past, and they’ll get a similar salary again in the years to come, but that salary is commensurate with the salary 15 years ago. The answer is not always to spend money, but for a company of this size, it is a bad thing to artificially withhold wages in order not to pay a small tax. The Yankees are concerned about leaving places on the project, for example, as they have not shown much inclination to hold first-round picks, which are unknown to Aaron Jude in recent decades.

– Hol said he, Brian Kashman, Aaron Boon and other leaders are responsible for the shortcomings of 2021 in general. But he especially hit the subpar and charged the players with a ruthless base. And to some extent, key leaguers, for example, should not neglect bases.

But it’s not the players ’job to put all the players in one place at once. These are cashmere and baseball operations. This Boone isn’t fighting hard enough against repetition, as well as a lack of baseball IQ and athleticism. It blesses everyone.

Hall emphasized that he still believed in architects, teachers, and players, so this was another double of this philosophy, and the first episode was not a true Yankee. It was clear that Hol did not want to fire high-ranking employees because of the poor results of the half. Good for him for his patience and loyalty. But they should not cloud the truth.

George Steinbrenner
Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post

Something that seemed lost with the Yankees. You’ve seen how Kashman and his crew, for example, clung to Gary Sanchez, turned Gio Gallegos into Luke Woe, bought Gio Urshela for $ 25,000, turned Aroldis Chapman’s half-season into Glaiber Torres, and deserved special praise for giving up so much. you can but money for then-ruling MVP Giancarlo Stanton. But it has a bit of a Frankenstein monster quality; separate parts make sense. But does it make sense as a team to be so much more prone to injuries, less so athletic, less mass / muscular?

The Yankees routinely talk about finding ways on conflicting orders that match the individual talents of their liberators. Then they created content consisting of a single large line. Boone is all about returning to long content that makes every inning difficult. But the opposing scouts are reiterating how easy it is to create a game plan within the Yankees because of the lack of diversity. Perhaps part of the decline could also be related to sticky stuff, as the content is going well right now.

On the contrary, did the gooey strategy keep the pitching staff? After the June 3 commemoration, which promised that adhesives would perform stronger than the Yankees, several people achieved poor results. Before that, they had the best second-place ERA (3.16) and then the 25th (5.26).

Hits and mugs didn’t put themselves on the Yankee list. This is Hal Steinbrenner and those he authorized. Perhaps the second half will justify these decisions. But if that doesn’t happen, you’ll have to look for a better way in the new version, not the old Boss’s circulation.


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