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Gutfeld introduced Biden as a racist who was called a “pathological liar” in an election law speech during the Texas riots.

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Five-host Greg Gutfeld blew up President Joe Biden as an “imaginary, liar” after Texas Democratic lawmakers flew to Washington to block the state’s legislature after the commander-in-chief objected to a speech on Philadelphia’s electoral legislation. . from having a quorum to approve new reforms.

Speaking in Old City, Biden claimed that supporters of security measures in the election were staging an “attack on 21st century Jim Crow.”

“It’s cruel. It’s cruel. And we strongly oppose it,” he said. “Are you on the side of truth or falsehood? … Stand up for God’s sake and help prevent these actions that will be done to undermine our elections.”

In states like Biden, Texas, Georgia and Pennsylvania, Republican-led election security reforms seem to be “facing the most important test of our democracy since the Civil War.”

In The Five, Gutfeld said he was upset by Biden’s racist speech.

“He’s an irrational, shameless liar,” he said. “He ran from being a unifier and only works against racial protest. He is sending this bill to the KKK. [and] Jim Crowe. All he has to do is provoke a racial conflict, “Gutfeld said, adding that he also referred to the Texas Electoral Integrity Bill, which prompted Democrats to leave the state.”

In his speech, Biden said 17 states have passed 28 new laws to “make it harder for Americans to vote.”

Gutfeld said Biden is doing a “moral job” for the right to vote, as if he believes such rights do not exist.

“Every American has the right to vote, only left-wing voting blocks, serious criminals, illegal immigrants and the dead,” he said.

“[The] only one real possibility of a zombie uprising [is] The corpses have learned that they voted for Joe Biden – the only Republicans they know are evil. “

“Gutfeld!” Hayden added that Biden joins the long ranks of Democrats who are accustomed to labeling their political opponents racist or extremist:

He said President Reagan, who was with Adolf Hitler, called George W. Bush and the late Senator John McCain (R-Ariz State) “warm.”

Biden himself said earlier in 2012 at an event near Martinsville (Va.) That GOP candidate Mitt Romney would “chain” colored participants with his fiscal policy platform.

“Then we had to take the biggest, biggest existential threat in history from Donald Trump, now he’s lying because he’s gone,” Gutfeld continued. “And now it’s a more existential threat than Donald Trump.” This is the worst thing since the Civil War. “I started thinking they were an exaggeration.”

Democrats in the Texas Legislature on Monday tied Washington tight and said they were ready to stay there for weeks. second revolt opposed the revision of electoral legislation by the GOP and called for a drastic new struggle for the right to vote in America.

Private planes carrying more than 50 Democrats left Austin for Dulles International Airport just days before the Texas House of Representatives approved it early. coverage of new voting restrictions in a special legislative session.

Leaving the countries is the second time democratic legislators have marched in a vote to restore voting, in strong opposition to their proposals that make it harder for young people, people of color and people with disabilities to vote.

“Should we shut up? There’s no hell. Why?” Texas State Rep. Jarvis Johnson, D-Houston, said this week. “Nothing is taken seriously.”

“Nothing is done with respect for each other,” Johnson added.

In Pennsylvania, where Biden spoke Tuesday, a group of state senators t Stefano, R-Somerset and Douglas Mastriano, a number of Republicans led by R-Chambersburg, recently sponsored SB 402, this is possible cancel A 2019 condition that allows for unforgivable postal voting in Keystone.

Senator Dave Argall, chairman of the state Senate Election Oversight Committee, R-Tamagua also responded to the president’s visit. statement“No matter what President Biden says in Philadelphia today, voter ID is not wrong, it’s a common sense. He called his remarks” completely out of touch. “

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