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Greg Gutfeld: Dems ’ideas come from a reflex to not connect with you

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Happy Tuesday to all of you! So look at these happy people! These are Democratic lawmakers in Texas because they ran away from the state, like Hunter Biden, who ran away from a pregnant stripper.

They went yesterday to deny Republicans the quorum needed to vote on strengthening electoral guarantees – or the worst thing since the Civil War, as the Dems wanted to call for such protective measures !!

Jen Psaki: “She also rejects attempts to remove the right to vote as authoritarian and anti-American.” // “and he emphasizes the work of the administration against it, the need to repeal the” For the Action of the People “and the” John Lewis Act on the Advancement of Voting Rights, “and how we should work with civil rights organizations. voter turnout and the breadth of the electoral system to overcome the toughest test against democracy since the civil war. ”

The worst call against democracy since the Civil War is one second! A few days ago I was told that the worst thing since the Civil War was January 6th! Guys, you need to get your story right about “the worst thing since the Civil War”. You’ve been involved in anything you don’t like about the Civil War. “Yeah, I wanted to give this shirt back.” Why didn’t it fit? “,” This is the worst thing since the Civil War. “

But I think that call goes back.

Biden, August 2012: he allows major banks to rewrite their rules. Get Wall Street out of the chain. They will put you all back in the chain.

Yes, the race legend still understood! What is he calling the voter ID right now?

Jo Biden: It makes Jim Crown look like Jim Eagle – it’s huge

Poor Jim Eagle. There’s a guy in Scranton who says, “I had nothing to do with him.” It was illogical. But this old white guy is just as cracked as the division hunter loved. Some unifying.

Maybe it’s time to update the similarities. Have you thought about the exploitation of 9/11? It’s like a mutant.

Steve Schmidt: “The 1/6 attack for the future of the country was a much more dangerous event than the 9/11 attacks. And in the end, 1/6 attacks could kill more Americans than they killed. The next 11 years the September 11 attacks, which included victims of ongoing wars. “

How did this psychot provide security? At the end I was waiting for two commanders in the hospital who were wearing white robes to throw nets at him. But the only way for sluice bags to come forward is in the dark. Lack of currency is a plash for breach.

So isn’t it surprising that the Dems see any move to raise the voting currency as an attack on them? This almost gives the impression that they may have hidden what they did to win the last election. I’m joking!

Let’s be clear: Dems is trying to block voter identification. Cuz makes it harder to vote, but it makes it harder to vote illegally. It’s simple.

But so when Dems is asked which voters can restrict their credentials, they can never give a name. That is why they associate certificates with racism. Although this is nonsense. You will need licenses to drive a car, take out a library book, get a fishing license. Buy a weapon. It sounds like the weekend that Joe Machine dreamed of.

Also buy lite beer sitting on a charter bus. Yes. You need a children’s certificate. But plain beer. It seems a little late. (In the afternoon)

So they spent thousands of people on a private plane, but cut corners with a beer that contained less alcohol than Kat’s blood. Beer should be the only thing that comes out of their pocket. When it came to tax money, they scattered Crystal as if they had won the Stanley Cup.

But they look happy and unmasked – and why not, the masks are designed for kids on 100-degree playgrounds, not Dems in the air conditioner. This “escape sale” was made earlier – in May – when Republicans fled to prevent them from voting on the previous bill. These doping are more avoided than criminals who are held hostage after riots.

In fact, there’s only one reason not to do it here – it’s the importance of the job. It’s like being a fact checker for Acesparks. Or a hairstyle for Brian Stelter.

It doesn’t matter. No one can do that – that’s why. If Republicans came out to embrace, Dems would be against embracing. But if the GOP is against embracing, the Dems will come to you like Kevin Skey in the Sleep of the Boy Scouts.

The entire platform of the Democrats is based on defining positions defined by their hatred of red states and red hats. And it forced them to take more absurd positions than to study the Gumby Kama sutra.

Do you remember the deficit police action that happened because Trump was a law enforcement supporter? Republicans look naturally at everything – school choices, the rule of law, American interests in general – and you’ll find a whirlpool of Democrats forming an angry opposition.

It’s like a game of chess, it’s a robot where your opponent punches you in the face after every move. So why are you playing at all?

This is not a policy. This is a definite antagonism, which is then reinforced into reality. Thus – they really begin to see socialism as superior to capitalism; the impossibility of obtaining identity cards, the absence of police officers, we need to teach children that white people are racist by nature. When they buy beautiful homes, they send their children to a private school, hire security guards, and eat in expensive restaurants without a mask and without shame.

All of these nonsense ideas grow out of a single reflex – not to connect with people like you. Democrats are now just “I hate you.” They don’t look at American real enemies like that – because you can always hate one group – and that’s you.

I wonder what the angry White man thinks.

Tom Shillue, angry white man: Yes, when I was growing up, everyone was always talking about peace and love. Nowadays, people who say they believe in these things just want to drive people crazy. As if they enjoy it. Someone has to write a book – as if it happened, to call it the “joy of hatred”.

An angry black man thinks about how bad the voter ID is.

Tyrus, angry black man: Bruh, it’s my lunch time, but let’s do it. Sandwiches, chips, water, biscuits. White chocolate cranberry? This is worse than potato starvation. It’s worse than an island where all the trees have been cut down and people have to turn into cannibals. No it is not. Not even close. Not even a little. It’s not. No!

Imagine if Republicans acted like Democrats and rejected any idea about their opposition. Maybe that’s the way to move forward. The problem is, Dems has no idea other than to hate your ideas. Without hating us, they got nothing. There is no idea, no solution. There is no good beer.

We can’t argue about them either, because we’re just saying, “I’m insulting you!” They are on the side of criminals, authoritarists and neo-racists.

I hope they love flying to DC on their private jets. But when they get back to Texas, hopefully someone changed the locks.

This article is part of Greg Gutfeld’s July 13, 2021 “Gutfeld!” Taken from a monologue opened in the publication.

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