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From Tom Cruise to Madonna

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Since Tom Cruise took to the field at a basketball game last weekend, fans have speculated as to whether his round-faced, bulging appearance is the result of old age or a recent injection.

They could not determine whether the 59-year-old Mission Impossible star invaded the refrigerator or chose the dangerous business of dermal fillers to replenish its properties.

As you can see, the cruise-changing mug is drastically different from the image filled with cheekbones and dazzling white teeth.

“What happened to Shipmunk’s cheeks swollen?” One of the Twitter critics explained. “What is he doing face to face with a doctor like Wayne Newton?” other a social media surveillance sniper.

Similarly, a few days ago, Madonna surprised her followers by dropping her spotless look on Instagram. Instead, the diva looked a little closer to her 63rd birthday. His Majesty was photographed sincerely without any filters or other tricks.

“Real life vs instagram vs” one person announced across side-by-side photos of the singer another rang: “A picture posted by Madonna, Reality, etc. on Insta.”

The “Material Girl” on the left presents her usual manicure image – but it looks more natural and closer to her age in open photos taken on the streets of Harlem last week.

Heck, at certain angles you could almost see the structure of the couple’s chin.

It all shows that, whether targeted or not, many Hollywood stars have dramatically changed their appearance over the years. Here, The Post put eight other celebrities – whose chameleons have long been the subject of controversy – under the microscope.


Tori spelling
Actress Tori Spelling is an all-American girl.

With her blonde hair, big branded eyes and smile, the California star was the epitome of an all-American girl when she rose to fame in the 90s Beverly Hills 90210 teen drama. Since then, he has spoken out about nose and breast augmentation, vehemently denying recent work. During this year’s glamorous photo shoot featuring Kim or Chloe Kardashian, the long-haired hairstyle was sporty, looking 48 years old, energetic and younger.

“Wow Tori doesn’t look like him anymore,” a fan was furious at Spelling’s Instagram post, celebrating the end of MTV’s “Messyness” reality series with Nicole Snooki Polizzi. “Kardashian surgeon? 🤷‍♀️” Someone else was upset.

“It’s all contoured,” Spelling later told her “wonderful” makeup artist.

MEGAN Acesparks

Megan Fox
The beautiful Megan Fox, on the left, turned into a sophisticated and sensual siren after turning her apple cheeks into a more sculptural look.

The Transformers actress looked like the girl next door when she debuted in Hollywood in 2007 with round cheeks and a natural smile. By 2021, the 35-year-old looks like a whole new man with no wrinkles on his forehead, swollen lips, cheekbones and narrower eyes. However, the mother of three has denied allegations that her sexual and complex appearance is unnatural. She said she never had botox, had her cheeks enlarged or had surgical additions on her face.

Fox made it clear this week that he is suffering from “deep mistrust” and that fans ’expectations could be hurt. “Yes, I have body dysmorphia. I have a lot of insecurity,” Fox said in a new joint interview with British GQ Style lover Machine Gun Kelly. They probably don’t feel that way. “


Lil Kim
Rapper Lil ‘Kim, just like in the 90s, turned to the left and radically changed his appearance over the years.

In the ’90s, when Lil‘ Kim first appeared on the rap scene, she looked untouched and real. But now the 47-year-old has been unable to resist changing the situation, sometimes out of necessity. She had a rhinoplasty in 2003 after an argument with her ex-boyfriend with a broken nose. Since then, he has admitted to receiving other treatments for his nose. However, since 2016, it has shown other dramatic changes that can occur as a result of skin discoloration, stiffer jaw line, and cheek filling. As a result, some plastic surgeons have expressed concern that the star may be “addicted” to cosmetic treatments.

“Personally, I think he should seek professional help,” said Dr. Gary Breslow, CEO of Dr., a renowned plastic surgeon. “Based on these pictures alone, if he continues, he’ll break his face.”

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham
Former Spice Girl daughter Victoria Beckham was pictured at the height of her fame in the 90s (left) and has since become one of the most famous little women in the world.

It seemed 100% natural when footballer David Beckham’s modern wife took the nickname “Posh Spice” when she was in the 90s pop group Spice Girls. But before long, British beauty spilled baby fat and rediscovered herself as an icon of fashion. It’s hard to believe that the 47-year-old is the same good singer who sang hits like “Wannabe” along with his former bandmates Ginger, Baby, Sporty and Scary.

“Please don’t fill in the lipstick anymore,” one of the fans said after opening her lips in “Good Morning America” this week.


Renee Zellweger
The left, front, round-faced version of Rene Zellweger was later replaced by the “Hollywood-like” model.

It is known that the A-list movie star took his acting style to a new level when he raised £ 30 for the role of London’s neurotic single Bridget Jones. However, in 2014, the once-cheeky yellow with an apple almost broke the Internet, revealing something that made his face look completely different. His eyes were narrowed, his skin tight, and his face was almost unrecognizable by its oval shape. Surprised by her reaction to the changes, the now 52-year-old Judy Oscar winner simply said she was “living a happy and fulfilling life” and was happy if she showed it.

In an open essay, Zellweger told those who accused him of plastic surgery practice: “Apparently, those who come in search of any bad truth that doesn’t exist won’t come down from my porch until I open the door.”


The baby’s original appearance seems to have changed the eyes of Zach Efron, who remained on the left.

The High School Musical Heartbeat franchise has led to an increase in heart rate since its inception in 2006. Fans were impressed with his “normal guy” look, which reminded them of their eighth-grade love. However, in 2021, the 33-year-old had his own artistic look and a unique look. Experts couldn’t help but wonder if that meant his jaws, rectangular jaws, and cheekbones had fallen under the knife.

But Efron’s friend Kyle Sandilands defended his friend, saying “I know” if so. He said the actor’s face was already close to perfection and said, “It’s like taking Picasso and painting the boy’s fingers. Why bother?”

HEIDI Monday

Heidi Monday
Heidi Montag, a former personality of the Hills, once looked like she was in a school diary, on the left, but as she admits, her mature face was the result of plastic surgery.

What can be said about the former star of the reality show “Hills” in the mid-2000s is that he is really honest. Unlike most celebrities, he gave a detailed account of the history of plastic surgery. Once out of high school chronicles, the new-faced girl, now 35, says she has had many facial and body modification procedures, including forehead lift, nose, nose, chin shortening, and a variety of other types. admitted. from botox. Much of the work was done in 2009 at the peak of glory. Montag, who has since blamed hypercritical internet trolls for rushing into surgery, has almost regretted the change.

“I wanted to go back to the original Heidi,” she said on the 2010 show.


Heather Locklir
Heather Locklear, a father and high school sweetheart, was great in her first career in show business, but her roller-coaster life is now in its 60s.

Heather Locklear was the first bomber of the 80s and 90s, making headlines for the most popular series such as Dynasty and Melrose Place. Stunning yellow posters adorned the walls of most children’s bedrooms, but her wild childish style seems to have finally reached her. He underwent a public scrutiny in 2018 following an “overdose,” a rehabilitation period, and the arrest of an ambulance worker who was called to his home during a domestic dispute.

But now the 60-year-old is back and has a clear face.

Whatever Locklear looks like in 2021, his life and career continue to grow: he’s been married to longtime partner Chris Hayser and will star in a lifelong new film: “Don’t Sweat Little Things”. : The Story of Christine Carlson.


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