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Fourteen days after the Florida condom crash, there are no signs of survivors

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The search for the victims of the Miami County multi-story condominium collapse made Wednesday the 14th, with dozens of victims, more than 100 people still missing, and officials are increasingly saddened.

The crews dug into the dusty concrete at the site of the Champlain Towers South building in Surfside on Tuesday and filled the buckets that were left to be emptied and then returned.

The compliment of the video, released by the Miami-Dade County Fire and Rescue Station, coincided with a closer look at the search, when eight more deaths were announced – the most in a single day since the search began. p. The storm had to reach the other side of the states as rain and wind from the tropical Elsa stopped the movement.


The researchers did not find any new signs of survivors, and although officials said their mission was still to search for people alive, they were increasingly confused.

“We are now in search-and-rescue mode,” District Police Director Freddie Ramires said at a news conference Tuesday night. He soon added: “Our main goal now is to build closeness to families.”

Since the first hours after the building collapsed on June 24, no one has been rescued while many of its residents have been asleep.

Searchers are still searching for any obvious traces inside the wreckage where survivors can be found, said Alan Kominsky, the county’s fire chief.

“Unfortunately, we don’t see anything positive,” he said.

Miami-Dade Mayor Daniella Levine Kava said the families of the missing were listening to reports of a “tragic loss.” He said President Joe Biden, who visited the area last week, called on Tuesday and offered permanent assistance.

“I think when the time comes to move on to the next stage, everyone will be ready,” he said.

Journalists began a personal close look at the site on Tuesday, although the building was dangerously unstable, although it was demolished as a result of the initial collapse of the building where workers collapsed on Sunday. The concrete and twisted steel pile was about 9 feet high and shook about half the length of the football field. Through the working machines removed the wreckage, which prevented any appearance of search operations.

The severity of the weather from Elsa somewhat hampered the search. Lightning forced rescuers to use their jobs for two hours on Tuesday, said Raide Jadallah, an assistant fire chief. A 20-mile (32 km / h) gust of wind prevented strong debris from being transported by cranes, officials said.

However, the strongest winds and rains of the storm hit Surfside and neighboring Miami as Elsa weakened across it, causing an expected collapse between Tam Bay and Florida’s Big Bend.

The crews removed 124 tons (112 metric tons) of waste from the site, Kominsky said. Officials said the remains were separated and stored in a warehouse as potential evidence in an investigation into why the building collapsed.

Since the unstable rest of the building was demolished, workers have been freed to search for a wider area.

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