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Former Florida police begin 10-year prison sentence for forcing teens to run naked to avoid arrest

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A former Florida police officer convicted of forcing a teenager and a girl to take nude clothing while stopping a vehicle to avoid arrest was due to begin a 10-year prison sentence last week.

Michael Martines, a former Mikkosuki police officer, was convicted in 2019 of extortion and illegal compensation.


Martines was out of appeal Thursday morning and was handcuffed to begin sentencing in Broward County Courtroom, Acesparks7 Miami reported.

In August 2016, when teens Remy Riley and her 20-year-old boyfriend Kyle Shoulta were driving from Tam to Fort Lauderdale to attend a concert, Martines took them to a stop sign on Alligator Avenue near Mikkosuki Reserve.

The former officer threatened to arrest the teenagers on charges of drug and alcohol possession after finding marijuana and alcohol in the car. However, Martines later offered to sign Riley and Shoulta – to walk around naked and avoid jail time.

“I was given the right to go to jail or escape, so I got the choice to run naked,” Shoulta testified in 2019.

Martines then ordered the teenagers to accompany him to a secluded spot.

“I took off my nts. I took off my shirt,” Riley told the jury during the 2019 trial. “I looked at him like,‘ Is that enough? “He said, ‘Is that so?’

Also on the jury, Riley said that after she took off her underwear and bra, Martines “just like that” keep your hands away from your body so I can see. “

A prosecutor said at the time Florida Sun-Sentinel Martines also asked Riley to have sex.

Martines was fired a year after the incident and now faces 10 years in prison.

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