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Deroy Murdoch: DeSantis is the hope of this new Great Right

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Democrat governors Andrew Cuomo of New York, Gavin Newsom of California and Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan almost broke what they were touching. Ron DeSantis, on the other hand, seems to have taken everything right. The Florida Republican emerged as the governor of America.

“We stand with our people. We’re doing the right thing. We’ve bowed to it and stood strong,” DeSantis told Acesparks host Taker Carlson last month.

Rather than tax evasion, kill the rules and then kill yourself, as so many Republicans do – DeSantis is a relentless, full-spectrum conservative. He authorized many economic, cultural, and law enforcement initiatives that conquered Florida and made it the Great Right Hope.


In the first two months, DeSantis cut taxes by $ 335 million and led officials, especially Florida Deregatoni, who cut exclusion-license requirements.

DeSantis candidates have replaced three state Supreme Court justices who have reached the age of 75 – the mandatory retirement age. The court moved from four liberals and three conservatives to one liberal and six conservatives.

More than an idea

DeSantis ’COVID-19 response angered Lockdown Left and backed freedom supporters. He relinquished his mask mandates, became one of the first governors to reopen for business, continued to study in person, defended against COVID carriers (Cuomo acted backwards; 15,000 elderly people in New York died), and contracted infection and death. ‘Indicators were below average. .

DeSantis signed legislation requiring imprisonment for riots. He also punished cities for violating his police.

Florida registered 11.4 million ballots and reported reliable results on election night 2020. DeSantis later signed a new law on the integrity of elections.

DeSantis endorsed legislation to protect girls ’authority in government-school sports: Among female competitors, the genitals are verboten.

In May, DeSantis dramatically changed the school’s choice.

In June, he called on the Florida school board to kill the Critical Race Theory (CRT) on government campuses. They did so – unanimously.

“There is no place for‘ Critical Racing Theory ’in our classrooms,” DeSantis declared, without fear of America’s fiercest conflict. “Teaching children to hate our country and hate themselves is not worth a single cent of taxpayers.”

DeSantis is a tireless, full-spectrum conservative.

DeSantis also delivered an antidote when he struggled with this snake venom that non-American teachers ’unions, school councils and other cultural Marxists were driving into government classes.

“I set civic requirements for high schools in 2019,” DeSantis said.
Instead of overthrowing DeSantis America, like the far-left CRT, the Florida curriculum included a “Guide to the Evils of Communism and Totalitarian Ideology.”

“We want all students to understand the difference,” DeSantis told reporters on June 22. Why would anyone run across shark-infested waters? “DeSantis asked.” Why do people leave these countries and risk their lives to come here? Students need to understand that. “

HB 5, in the relevant legislation signed by DeSantis, also creates a library of “portraits in triotism” that displays “real trios who came to this country after seeing the horrors of these communist regimes”.

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In late February – while masked Manhattanites avoided germs and snowflakes – Orlando, St. Petersburg, lm-beach and Miami offered plenty of sunshine, vibrant establishments, smiling faces and hope. I expanded the one-week trip to an 18-day mini-bird experience that reflects individual freedom and human prosperity.

“Come back to East Berlin!” I regretted as I flew home to Gotham.

lm Beach and Miami were more lively in June.

Democratic governors could learn a lot from DeSantis. All of this has helped Florida get two places in the U.S. House of Representatives on the new census as domestic refugees flee the Democratic States to enjoy freedom, fair weather, and non-existent state taxes. They need to abandon their voting habits so that they can elect Democrats who, like the terms DeSantis and Florida have been building on everything they’ve built up lately.

The question for the 42-year-old executive director of Sunshine State is whether he will strive to bring his ideas and leadership to 1,600 Pennsylvania avenues.

How does Donald J. Trump imagine this? As he often said: We will see what happens.

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