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Dark twist emerges after ‘skinned dog’ found nearby where students were murdered

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RUMORS have been spreading in connection with the murder of a group of students who attended the University of Idaho and the families of the victims are asking for the speculation to stop.

While hundreds gathered for the memorial service of Ethan Chapin, 20, the only male victim of the quadruple homicide, on Monday, the three other victims’ families were grieving in their own way.

The families of his girlfriend, Xana Kernodle, 20, and her roommates Kaylee Goncalves, 21, and Madison Mogen, 21 were mourning while requesting that the wild conspiracies surrounding the case stop.

Ethan’s memorial was held in Washington State, which is his hometown, and was the first service to be held out of the four UI students who were murdered more than a week earlier.

The families speaking out about the spreading speculations in Idaho expressed that the rumors about the case have not only made their pain worse but they said they are also hindering investigations.

“All the noise out there is really harming the families,” a friend of Kaylee’s parents, Kristi and Steve Goncalves told The Independent.

“And it’s taking the police down trails that aren’t real and taking them away from the ones that are.”

Loved ones of the victims who’d already pleaded for others to stop spreading rumors aren’t the only ones asking for the speculation to cease as police have updated social media with similar pleas.

In Facebook posts, Moscow Police has been trying to shut down speculation that’s been growing since the November 13 slayings with some “rumor control” concerning connections to a skinned dog.

“Detectives are aware of a Latah County Sheriff’s Office incident of the report of a skinned dog and have determined it is unrelated to this incident,” the agency said in a Facebook post.

“Contact Latah County Sheriff’s Office for further details,” the police added to the announcement.

Authorities had previously revealed that, on the night of the slayings, they encountered a dog at the residence where the college students were killed.

In a post, the agency noted that the dog officers located at the home where the students were killed was “unharmed and turned over to Animal Services and then released to a responsible party.”


The agency also made a post stating: “Rumors and speculation continue to circulate about the ongoing investigation.”

“MPD cautions the public not to rely on rumors and remains committed to keeping the public informed. We urge reliance on official channels for accurate information,” the agency added.

Although the police are, along with the victims’ families, asking that the speculation stop for the sake of the investigation, it’s reportedly authorities’ contradictory information that fueled the conspiracies.

When the slayings were first reported, the mayor of Moscow called it a “crime of passion,” according to The Independent, but that phrase has not been mentioned again in connection with the case.

Mayor Art Bettge and police initially said there was no danger to the public but cops backtracked days later and urged the public to remain vigilant as the students’ killer remains at large.

After two weeks of investigating, the police still have not announced any suspects despite more than 650 tips, 90 interviews and a 130-strong law enforcement team, per The Independent.


A sibling of Kaylee’s made a post on Facebook Monday in a message addressed to her “baby sisters.”

“Right now, I’m mad,” Alivea said in her post.

“And I know you guys are too but I swear I’ll find them,” the saddened sister added.

Her post went on to say: “So rest easy for me, I got this. Send a little sign if you can, I’m taking ALL tips lol,

“I love you today, yesterday and until my dying breath.”

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