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CM Punk Shares Epic Bret Hart Memory on Hitman’s Birthday

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Bret Hart achieved a lot in his career and he closed many opponents in the dreaded sharpshooter. CM Punk took that step and he has the photos to prove it. On Hart’s 64th birthday, CM Punk shared that memory with everyone. Eventually, Punk and Hart relived some memories along the way.

The Second City Savior sent a B-Day message to The Best There Is, The Best There Was, and The Best There Ever Will Be on his birthday. He did this by remembering the time when Hart hit him with a sharpshooter.

The Beatles wrote a song about turning 64, and that must have been playing in Hitman’s mind today. When punk thought of Hart’s birthday, he simply shared a photo of himself taking a terrifying finishing move with a caption declaring that Hart’s work lives up to his nickname.

Best ever @BretHart . happy birthday to

Not many fans are thinking about the moment in WWE history where CM Punk and Bret Hart interacted in the ring. Bollywood boys fondly remember the moment when they tweeted in reply, “Yeah. great picture!”

You can see another great memory of Hart and Punk below. Hitman returned to Montreal in 1997, more than 15 years after the screwjob. Then Punk ruined the moment. Hart’s birthday is certainly a great moment in history to remember.

Happy Birthday to Bret Hart ringside news

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