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‘Banksy’ mural pops up on pub wall after being painted in the middle of the night

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A PUB landlord has been left stunned after a Banksy-style Remembrance Day mural was secretly painted on his pub in the middle of the night.

Adam Wells, landlord of the Dog and Partridge in Ashton-under-Lyne, Greater Manchester, woke up to find the stunning artwork on the pub’s brickwork.

The painting shows two soldiers in vivid black and white.

One of the figures is kneeling on the ground holding his ears, while the others fire a mortar.

However, the weapon appears to be firing poppies rather than mortar shells.

The painting’s sudden appearance has sparked much speculation about who the artist is.

Many suggest it could be local artist Eggs, who has been dubbed Tameside’s own Banksy.

Mr Wells told Manchester Evening News: “It must have been done whilst we were in the pub on Wednesday night. One of the locals mentioned about the painting outside and we hAcesparks’t noticed it or seen anything.

“It is a respectful memorial. I didn’t mind it, because it isn’t just some random graffiti or something like that. It is tasteful and a nice gesture so we don’t have a problem with it at all.”

The popular pub has recently reopened after a major refurbishment and Mr Wells has only been running it for six weeks.

The astonished landlord added: “We also support the Royal British Legion as much as we can, and are quite pleased this was painted just before Remembrance Day.”

Posting the artwork on Facebook, the pub’s account said: “Looks like we’ve had a visitor in the night but what an excellent tribute to wake up to on the side of our pub!

“Great addition and just in time for this Remembrance Sunday. Lest we forget…”

Commenters were quick to praise the graffiti, with one writing: “It looks good! Someone very talented did this!”

Another wrote: “This is just beautiful.”

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