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At least 125 COVID-19 cases related to a church camp in Texas

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The Texas summer camp included dozens of coronavirus cases, including six reviewed achievements and three samples that positively affected the Delta option. The Clear Creek Community Church said the epidemic has infected more than 125 camps and adults, with the first positive test reported on June 27.

Galveston County Health DistrictFifty-seven jobs were camp-related and more than 90 jobs, including those involving non-Galveston County non-residents, reported self-report, with at least 10 involving youth under 12 years of age.

“The delta variant is more contagious than other infectious diseases,” said Dr. Philip Keyzer, of Galveston County’s local health office, in a statement released Tuesday. “I can’t stress enough – if you’re old enough, there’s no reason not to be vaccinated. There are a lot of vaccines.”

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Keizer said the current infectious disease surveys show that “most people who pass a positive test are old enough to be vaccinated.”

The Clear Creek Community Church noted that more than 400 people were invited to vacationers in grades 6 to 12 during the summer session.

“Unfortunately, upon our return from camp, more than 125 campers and adults reported to us that they had been positively affected by COVID-19,” the church said in a July 3 Facebook post. “In addition, hundreds of other people have been exposed to COVId-19 in the camp. Hundreds of people will probably try to stay in touch with those affected when they return home from the camp.”

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The church said the district was cooperating with the health department and canceled the personal service. Guest consent and release form church website The threat of COVID-19, including the camp, “enhanced health and safety measures.”

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