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Assassination of Haitian president: Florida suspect plans to run for president, police say

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Haitian National Police have arrested a Florida doctor as a “central” suspect in the assassination of President Jovenel Moise.

Christian Emmanuel Sanon, 63, a Haitian-born third person with ties to the United States, was arrested in connection with Moise’s death.

Police Chief Leon Charles speculated that he may have planned to assassinate Sanon Moise and take over the presidency himself. This was reported by The New York Times.

“He came in a private jet with a political plane in June and contacted a private security firm to hire the people who made the move,” Charles said. “The initial task given to these strikers was to protect a man named Emmanuel Sanon, but then the mission changed.”

The wife of the assassinated Haitian president broke her silence for the first time since the death attack

Charles said officers searched Sanon’s home in Haiti and found a hat with the logo of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, 20 boxes of ammunition, gun rts, four state numbers from the Dominican Republic, two cars and correspondence with unknown individuals.

“We’re continuing to make progress,” Charles said, although Sanon did not elaborate on how he plans to take over the government.

Charles said that after Mois was killed, one of the suspects called Sanon and he was in contact with two people who were believed to be the intellectual authors of the conspiracy. He did not identify the organizers or say whether the police knew who they were.


The Haitian government claims to have obtained information about Sanon from interrogations.

A Video recorded in 2011 Called “Dr. Christian Sanon – Leadership for Haiti,” he portrays Sanon as a potential leader for the country.

The Haitian government arrested two American Haitians and about a dozen people in an assassination attempt last week.


Haiti’s election minister, Matthias Pierre, identified 35-year-old James Solajs and 55-year-old Vincent Joseph as suspects in the case. The two men, along with 15 other suspects, all Colombian nationals, were in front of reporters during a press conference Thursday night.

More than 20 Colombians are suspected in Moise’s murder. Charles said five suspects remain at large and at least three have been killed.

“They’re dangerous individuals,” Charles said. – I’m talking about a commando, a specialized commando.

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