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An MLB scout in New York is “humble” by supporting his sick daughter

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If Steve Connelly didn’t exist in real life, he would have been created by a screenwriter.

“It has a New York accent,” said Billy Blitzer, a longtime Cuban scout with a similar accent, in a phone interview with Diamondbacks ’amateur scout supervisor Connelly. “He took the chip on his shoulder. He is stubborn, but if he is your friend, he will do everything for you. ”

“He called me ugly and I still hired him. Several times, ”wrote Derik LAcesparksier, Diamondbacks’ director of amateur scouts.

Yes, Connelly deserves respect for his sincerity, his true charm, his great influence on the game he has always loved for the original Astoria. And when family difficulties forced Connelly and his wife, Linda, to ask for help in public, the Connelly witnessed this honor with their own hands.

Linda and Steve’s 18-year-old daughter suffers from Madison Connelly CMT4J, a rare genetic disease that leads to significant inactivity. Madison believes in a specially built wheelchair, and because she doesn’t know much about the suffering, she often has to travel to the University of Iowa in North Carolina in a van (the size of a wheelchair prevents her from flying). the best understanding of managing it. He has not eaten solid food for almost a year.

“There’s no cure for that,” Connelly said of the disease. “We just pray for healing.”

Costs will add up, so Connellys decided to launch a GoFundMe page has so far raised more than $ 100,000.

MLB Steve Connelly
Steve Connelly (above) with his daughter Madison (l.,) Wife Linda and (son Stephen).
With the permission of Steve Connelly

“People I grew up with, people I haven’t talked to in a long time with people in New York, high school teammates, when they donate. the word came outsaid Connelly. “It was great.”

Connelly played at three different colleges, including LIU Brooklyn, Cardinal Hayes, and King Christ at Monsignor McClancy Memorial High School in Queens, then Queensboro Community College. In 1998, he became a scout for brewers and also worked at the Royal Club and the Blue Jays before joining the Lanier-led Diamondbacks, with whom he also worked in Kansas City. His two contracts he proudly signed as an amateur are Greg Holland, who escaped from the Royals, and Padres midfielder Will Myers, the best new player in the 2013 League of America with Rails.

“He’s the old spirit of the scouts, he doesn’t change the way he is brought up in the game,” LAcesparksier said, adding Connelly’s favorite phrase was, “You’re just a good person in your own mind”. In 2013, Connolly won the Turkish Cabbage Scout of the Year Award from the New York Pro Scouts Association.

When Steve Tar was in Heel, he met Linda, who was born in North Carolina, on assignment, and they have been married for 19 years; Madison has an older sister, Hayley, and a brother, Stephen.

Madison Connelly
Madison Connelly

It was not an easy life for Madison, who struggled with autism and bipolar disorder even before she was diagnosed a year and a half ago. Still, her parents are amazed at her beautiful nature. “Her personality is something contagious,” Steve Connelly said of his daughter. “He is very polite to all the doctors he sees. He is always uplifting. He’s smiling, he’s a special kid. “

A product of special parents. When Steve’s job requires him to travel a fair amount, Linda manages the family and takes the lead in caring for Madison. “He’s a real soldier here,” Steve said of his wife.

Steve spends more time in his spare time from work. “You know, you have to meet her, but I trust her with my life,” Linda said of her husband. “He does everything, everything and everything for his family.”

“The heart of gold,” LAcesparksier added. “He’s one of the most caring people I’ve ever met. When you release it, just make sure you bring your boxing gloves. ”

Will Myers and Greg Holland
Will Myers and Greg Holland are on Steve Connelly’s list of best amateurs.
Getty Images

Connelly, in other words, nothing goes like his family, which makes him appreciate the support of the baseball community, New Yorkers and many others. “It’s very humble, in fact,” Connelly said. But it’s no surprise to those who cross the road with him.

The question for this week’s Pop Quiz came from Howard Rothblatt of New York City: In the 1963 episode of Beverly Hillbillies, legendary manager Leo Durocher portrays himself and the actor who portrayed the Dodgers ’general manager at the time. Dodgers GM name.

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