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Amazon offers Vinyl of the Month Club

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It’s true what they say, folks: music just sounds better on vinyl.

The warmth, the depth, the crackle; haters will say, “I can just listen to this on Spotify,” but getting up to flip the LP on your turntable is simply a far more intentional way to listen to music.

And at a time when more and more of our media is becoming digital, there’s something to be said for owning a physical copy of an album you love or an album you don’t know that you love yet.

Thanks to pop superstars like Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, and Adele, vinyl LPs are selling better than they have in years. Enter: Amazon, who has never met a market it wasn’t excited to get into.

Now, Amazon is offering a Vinyl of the Month Club for the first time. For just $25 a month, you’ll receive a record from The Golden Era (1960’s-70’s), curated by Amazon, including releases from Aretha Franklin, Pink Floyd, Joni Mitchell, ABBA, and more.


Build your collection with Amazon’s Golden Era Vinyl of the Month Club. Not loving what Amazon’s offering? You can skip a month or pause your subscription anytime, no questions asked. Think of how good they’ll look in your living room, if nothing else.

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