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After Hurricane Ian, MSNBC analyst predicts Ron DeSantis is ‘about to become a big government Republican’

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MSNBC political analyst David Jolly argued on “The ReidOut” that Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., will have to change his “anti-Washington” stance for his state to recover after Hurricane Ian.

After the Category 4 storm first hit Florida on Wednesday, over two million Florida citizens reported losing power after millions had already evacuated. In response, DeSantis confirmed his administration was working with FEMA and the Biden administration for federal assistance.

Jolly, who previously served as a Republican Florida congressman alongside DeSantis, argued that the governor’s acceptance of federal aid after the disaster will force him to turn back on his conservative leanings.

“He’s about to have to justify doing something that is antithetical to his entire ideological narrative, his entire story as a conservative Republican, as anti-Washington, that people should absorb their own risk and people should take care of their own lives. In a time of tragedy, people need help. And where Ron DeSantis is a no government conservative, he’s about to become a big government Republican,” Jolly said.


Jolly, along with host Joy Reid, also called out DeSantis for originally voting against aid following Hurricane Sandy in 2013 and now needing federal aid.

“Ron DeSantis led a no-government wing of the Republican party that says let people be on their own. Now he’s in a position as the governor of having to do something for them, and the only way he can do that, the only way , is by asking for Washington, DC to bail him out. And the interesting thing is what hangs in the balance is his entire political career. He’ll be judged by the way he performs and succeeds at this moment, but he’s not going to be able to do it on his own. I actually think he has the audacity, he will go hat in hand at the same time insulting Joe Biden and Democratic leaders,” Jolly said.

In addition, he insisted that DeSantis will now have to work with President Biden and congressional Democrats in spite of his various attacks against them.

Damages boats lie on the land and water in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, Thursday, Sept.  29, 2022, in Fort Myers, Florida.

“He is now a Republican governor who needs one person to help him. It’s Joe Biden. And he needs the help of Joe Biden and he also needs the help of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer because there will be an aid request that the Congress has to approve, likely when they approve a final appropriations bill in early December. Ron DeSantis knows that the Florida economy cannot absorb the tragedy that just hit. The federal government and Washington will need national Democrats to agree to help Ron DeSantis,” Jolly said.


Reid remarked, “And by the way, it’s not even executive leadership. He’s simply, all he has to do now is open up his arms and receive federal money. Let’s just be clear. That’s the executive leadership.”

Although both the White House and DeSantis’ administration confirmed speaking with each other about the hurricane, Jolly called on the governor to act cordially with Biden.

Florida Gov.  Ron DeSantis and President Joe Biden.

“Joe Biden will come to Florida and there’s only one way that Ron DeSantis should handle that. With grace, with hospitality and with gratitude for the federal government,” Jolly said.

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