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Adrian Granados predicts victory over Conor Ben Boxing News 24

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Adrian Granados predicts stoppage win over Conor Benn at Fight Camp

Adrian Granados is confident he can deliver his first defeat to Conor Benn from within distance and believes a win could lead him to a world title shot.

In the first week of the second edition of Fight Camp from the gardens of Matchroom Headquarters on July 31, Granados face emerging, undefeated welterweight contender, Ben, who lives on DAZN.

Despite fighting high with points losses to the likes of former world champions Shaun Porter and Adrian Broner, the 31-year-old remains a victim of betting in this struggle, though the Illinois native believes he has whatever Britt brings his answer.

“I’ve only shown some of my tools and some of the tricks I have,” Granados told

“I Have So Much More Than Conor Bann” [has] And that’s why like I said he’s talking about whatever he’s bringing, he’s going to figure it out, I have a lot of equipment, I’m like a swiss army knife and that’s what I plan to show I am making

“Whatever he’s going to try to figure out, I’m going to try and throw another curveball. I’ll do what I want to do, because I’m trying to win the fight.

“I understand what he’s trying to do. He’s going to end me, whatever he’s talking hard. He doesn’t know where I come from and he doesn’t know what phase I’m from.” I have passed and so I am not worried about what he is doing or what he is saying.

“Conor Ben wants to come along with whatever. If he wants to box, we can box. If he wants to bang, we can bang. I’ve been there with some of the best and now my It’s time for a big win over one of the best, so that’s what I plan to do and I’m excited.

“I was going through the motions however what he’s talking about is changing me and I’m excited for a good fight now.”

Ben won in a statement last time, beating Samuel Vargas inside the opening round, becoming the fastest man to stop the Canadian-Colombian.

Granados admits he was impressed by the 24-year-old’s performance, but believes he has far more in his arsenal than the 32-year-old.

“It was impressive,” he recalled of Ben’s victory over Vargas.

“He jumped on it and he didn’t let his leg go off the gas and that was great, it was a great statement for him, no one has stopped Vargas like that and I know he’s trying to do that to me.” going to do, but I definitely think there are a lot more tangible ones that Vargas didn’t really have.

“So I’m excited to see when this fight comes to an end.”

Ben holds a top 15 ranking in three of the four governing bodies and will defend his fourth of his WBA continental welterweight crown on July 31.

‘The Destroyer’ has already hoped for victory within six rounds, although Granados, coming out by majority decision in May, believes he will be able to score a stoppage win and the world title shot. can gain an edge.

“I want to be back in the top 10.

“There was a point in my career where I was number three in the world and I beat the world number one fighter and I never got a title shot.

“I know we are fighting for his continental title so I want to get some sort of lease so that I can get a real lease. I want to have at least one world title before my career ends and Conor Ben Defeated and prepared me for that kind of fight.

“I think this fight ends with a pause, though an Adrian Granados pause. He doesn’t know what kind of dog he’s with, he doesn’t know what kind of wars I’ve been through, I’ve been through my life.” What kinds of things have I gone through that have led me to this point.

“I understand the disadvantages that I have, I understand that they have gained me as a gatekeeper, a traveller. People don’t understand that I have really been there with the best and I have really Have beat the best, but I’ve never been approved.

“I feel like I’ve got to win a big one and show Eddie Hearn, show the boxing world that guys there’s still a lot of fighting left in me.

“I keep hearing how much is left in Granados, I’m 31, I’m a young veteran as they say and I think it’s going to show, like I said let’s see when the tables turn That’s how tough it is.”

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