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According to Abbott of Texas, Biden said Dems should stop spreading “misinformation” in voting legislation.

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Republican Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas accused President Biden on Twitter on Tuesday night of spreading “false information” about a bill to overhaul the state’s GOP election.

Biden, who was in Old City, Philadelphia, on Tuesday, criticized the bill vaguely. He said supporters of election security measures were engaged in an “attack on 21st century Jim Crow.”

Biden’s remarks came after Texas Democrats flew to Washington to reject a quorum needed to pass a bill that would impose new restrictions on voting in the state-controlled GOP-controlled Legislature.

Here’s what you need to know about the election bill

Abbott, who told Acesparks that he would be arrested with the return of Democrats who fled the state, said the Texas bill “makes it easier to vote and harder to cheat.”

No love seems to have disappeared between Abbott and the president. Abbott begins the video by recalling a time when Biden tied him to “Neanderthal thinking” to end his state’s mask powers. He said the president was wrong then and he is wrong again.

“President Biden is once again ignoring the truth,” Abbott said. “The reality is that Texas is passing legislation that will reduce early voting time, not shorten it. It’s more than many states, including President Biden’s home in Delaware.”

He said the law would help prevent fraudulent ballot papers in the state and “support the integrity of our election and ensure that Texas, which has the right to vote by mail, will be able to do so.” minladi “.

On Tuesday, the Texas Senate approved a bill to reform the election, but the legislation was suspended due to a lack of a quorum in the House.

Rep. Chris Turner, leader of the Democrats in the Texas Legislature, said congressional Democrats will ultimately be futile if they do not take more bold steps to overcome the blockade of a comprehensive federal vote bill by Republicans in the Senate.

“We can’t hold this wave forever. We’re going to buy some time. We need Congress and all our federal leaders to use that time wisely,” Turner said.

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