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A teenager named Alexa changes her identity after being bullied by an Amazon assistant

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“Alexa, can you change my name?”

Karen isn’t the only appeal facing stigma in 2021. The parents of a teenager in the UK named Alexa changed her name and moved to a new school after she was brutally harassed for her relationship with Amazon’s digital assistant.

Alexa’s mother, Heather (her name is not named), dropped the bomb port on the Jeremy Vine Show, which discussed how Alexa’s persecution escalated as girls named Alexa spread around the world, The BBC reported.

“She’s in a much better place now,” she told her frustrated mother at her daughter’s store, who started getting angry over her moniker in high school.

“He started not wanting to introduce himself because of jokes and negative responses,” parents and even teachers said, “he thinks it’s okay to make jokes.”

According to reports, his complaint was listened to by the deaf because “the school was useless and he was told he needed to increase endurance,” Heather said. Eventually, the persecution began to damage Alexa’s mental health.

To save her daughter from relentless ridicule, the desperate guardian decided to change her name legally.

“We separated our friends and moved him to a new school to start a new school,” his mother said. Despite the protection of witnesses, “injustice will never leave him or us,” the grieving mother said.

Her descendants are not the only Alexa to be tortured for the title in the UK, where more than 4,000 people under the age of 25 are on appeal.

Charlotte’s (not her first name) daughter is only six years old, but she is already so obsessed that people wanted her not to know her name, the BBC reported.

An awkward trend is also happening on this side of the pool, with Alexa pushing a man named Lauren Johnson from her parents. to start a campaign for people named. Called “Alexa is a Man,” the program is “for children, women, and children affected by the effects of family use man name Alexa. “

“The word Alexa has become synonymous with servant or slave,” Johnson said. “It gives people a license to be submissive to people named Alexa.”

Accordingly, some parents think it’s time for Amazon to change the name of their devices to something that doesn’t look human. Heather said “Amazon needs to change the standard alarm word on their devices. It is clear that ethical research on the use of Alexa is insufficient. “

Charlotte even took the issue to Amazon, and she replied, “We’ve created our voice assistant to reflect the qualities that people value – smart, polite, compassionate and all-encompassing.”

Alexas isn’t the only one making fun of their name. According to reports, people named Karen have become a decorative word for this white woman – the landing days are problematic because of the new racist content of their appeal.


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