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A Los Angeles man faces federal charges following a pyrotechnic explosion that injured 17 people.

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A Los Angeles resident was arrested by federal agents on Saturday and charged with smuggling tons of explosives – just days after local police attempted to detonate a pyrotechnic bomb safely, injuring 17 people.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles said Arturo Ceja III, 27, kept about 32,000 pounds of fireworks and “dangerous home-made items,” including more than 500 commercial-grade firecrackers, at his home in South Los Angeles.

U.S. prosecutors are accusing Ceja of traveling to Nevada several times last month (mostly at the 51st Retail Market – in a hurry) to buy favos and bring them home in rented trucks. California has as many as Nevada.

Personal fireworks are banned in California.

The blast happened Wednesday when Los Angeles police responded to the home and the bomber tried to detonate the most dangerous “unarmed” explosives inside a storage vehicle.

Los Angeles blast: 17 people were injured in a bomb truck carrying illegal fires

“Clear protocols have been followed and pursued, but this is what should have happened in the arrest warrant, and we don’t know why,” Los Angeles Police Chief Michelle said Wednesday. Moore. “We want to find out why.”

Nine police officers and a federal agent were among the 17 victims. As a result of the explosion, the cars spun and damaged them, the windows of the houses and the laundry room were broken.

Los Angeles police said Ceja was arrested on Wednesday on suspicion of possessing firearms and destructive devices, as well as two children found in the home on suspicion of endangering children. KABC-TV.

According to police, he was severely criticized for trying to blow up devices in the neighborhood Los Angeles Times.

Ceja told investigators that he bought cardboard, hobby insurance and home-made items made of explosive powder from the man selling them in the trunk of his car in Area 51. U.S. Attorney’s Office he said.

“Ceja did not have an ATF explosives license or any kind of permit authorizing the transportation of homemade fireworks made with explosives, including not limited to just polishing powder,” the complaint was written by a special agent. ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Weapons and Explosives), he said.

Complaint added “[T]it was stored outside the pyrotechnics and in a dangerous manner, i.e. under unsafe tents and near the grill where it was baked. “

Sesa was expected to remain in custody until a federal court hearing on Tuesday.

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