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A Florida police shooting suspect is charged with murder

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He is accused of shooting a Daytona Beach police officer in Florida and a leading police officer in a three-day search that ended after he was arrested with the property of a black nationalist police group, accused of attempted murder.

Othal Wallace is accused of shooting Officer Jason Raynor in the head during a June 23 stop.

Raynor’s camera recorded the incident, and the video showed Wallace getting out of the driver’s seat as the officer approached and Raynor refusing to let him sit.


After a short exchange, the two begin to fight, and Raynor says, “Stop! Stop, man!” before firing. The officer has since been hospitalized in critical condition.

The Florida Seventh District Attorney’s Office on Thursday filed a charge of attempted murder of a police officer, Click Orlando reported.

The state prosecutor’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Acesparks.

At the time of his arrest, Wallace was reportedly placed in a gun-filled tree on the ground belonging to “Not Around the Coalition.”

Louisville, which is being planned by black-armed police, claims the March lawsuit is “not around F —“

The group, also known as the NFAC, has previously been involved in at least one violent clash. The member accidentally shot and killed three of his comrades during an armed rally in Louisville, Kiev, in July 2020.

There were violent rhetoric and black power messages against the police on Facebook, which now belongs to the removed police and was allegedly run by Wallace.

He was held criminally responsible for a long time, including assault and arrest for battery.

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Acesparks’ Audrey Conklin contributed to the news.

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