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A Florida man has stolen a reporter’s car and hit a North Carolina police cruiser while searching for him.

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A man who was hunted down by North Carolina police this weekend stole a television news car and then hit a police cruiser, the report said.

Marcus Brown, 19, was one of four people fleeing police in the village of Pittsboro on Saturday when he approached a WRAL reporter and photographer on Saturday – offering a bundle of cash to go to a gas station.

“We both said it was the news department and he couldn’t walk with us because he didn’t have a station ID, which was an excuse to really hope he got away from us,” reporter Kinan Williard said. segment.


“He seemed to agree, he started walking,” Willard continued. “And he just sat in my car, jumped into the front seat, and got out of there [Highway] 64, has just flown. We were both amazed. “

But nearby police chased him and Brown found himself in the second car of the day. It only lasted five minutes, when he first hit the head of a news car into a police car, WRAL said.

Television reported that it was looking for Brown and others in the neighborhood who drove the car after driving at high speed earlier that day. All four were said to be living in Jacksonville, Florida, and were traveling 94 miles on a highway traveling at 65 miles per hour when police tried to pull them over.

The four men fled after being chased by a car, which led to a blockade of the area and halted a large police presence in the area. All were arrested on Saturday and Sunday, WRAL said.

Brown was charged with car theft, absconding and possession of a weapon of mass destruction, the channel said. Adrian Loweri, 24, and Caleb Sheffield, 19, were also arrested over the weekend, the report said.

The incident first appeared in the New York Post.

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